The Dangerous Reality of the Industry

You have probably heard of Equifax before if you’re checking your credit score, since it is one of the three giant Credit Bureau that gives you a score based on how responsible you are with your credit lines. [Read More]
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Is Artificial Intelligence Dangerous?

Artificial Intelligence, or AI for short, seems like the latest trend in the technology industry. Everyone wants to hop on board and start researching and working on this new hip trend. However, the industry is divided on its regulations. [Read More]
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WannaCry Ransomware

Recent ransomware dubbed “WannaCry” has brought many computers down to its knees. Let’s take a look at the essentials and how to protect yourself from a worm like this in the future. [Read More]
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Automate All the Things!

Recently, a co-worker of mine exposed me to this wonderful thing called Google Apps Scripts, another one of Google’s languages (this one perhaps more useful). It is built on Javascript, and it can access all Google Suite Apps as global natives. [Read More]
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Phishing Done Right

Oh boy, today I got a notification from New York University’s Chief Information Officer about a phishing scam happening to many universities nation wide, I was both concerned and excited. In order for such a phishing campaign to be successful and got past most difficulties, it must be well designed!... [Read More]
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