Recently, a co-worker of mine exposed me to this wonderful thing called Google Apps Scripts, another one of Google’s languages (this one perhaps more useful). It is built on Javascript, and it can access all Google Suite Apps as global natives.

What is this “Google Apps Scripts” for?

Well honestly, it’s for everything and everyone that uses Google for their daily workflow. If you ever received automated emails for important information within your work, and you find it annoying, then this is for you.

If there is sensitive information in your email and you don’t trust third party applications such as Zapier and IFTTT handling that for you, then you can probably automate it in Google Apps Scripts (might take some time though).

Why should I care?

Everyone wants to have an easier time at work! Or if you like me, you just write scripts to do everything for you and get paid to browse Reddit or Facebook (I’m kidding). To be fair, I believe we all should put time towards creativity and innovation instead of doing sometimes monotonous.

Do I have any work to show off?

I do, check out my GitHub page here